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Experienced in all aspects of video production and photography, from initial planning and capture to full editing and post production, our vision is to create beautiful content that people enjoy watching. We are on a mission to unite the physical and digital worlds, creating video, sound and imagery with an added dimension to engage your existing clients and attract new ones.

We strive to be vibrant, innovative and exciting with all our projects, creating unique and visual content to meet your objectives and inline with your brand strategy. Find out more about our core services below and contact us today to find out more.

FPV videography

We love to use our FPV drones to capture exciting and fast paced shots, especially indoors and outdoors when skimming close to objects. Our drones are flown with first person viewing headsets, allowing us to get immersed in the action and soar through the sky at perspectives that are otherwise impossible to achieve. With safety a paramount priority, we undertake all manner of videography using drones, including standard corporate videos, interior and exterior building shots and shoots for travel and tourism.

Corporate video

We create high quality corporate videos for websites, marketing campaigns and product launches. By combining emerging technology with creativity, we will deliver a well thought out and executed video presenting an engaging overview of who you are, what you do and how you work. We will guide you through the entire process, from planning and scripting right though the filming and editing process.

We offer specialist filming techniques such as aerial filming, gimbal stabilisation systems and timelapse sequences using the latest technology and processes. Trust us to work with you to produce an engaging physical and digital narrative for your brand.

Product video

One of the key factors in the buying process for a customer is a belief and trust in the product. They want to be sure of quality and see a real person using it in a way that it was intended. No lies or photoshopped fakes.

Product videos and visuals are often overlooked, especially with new and more niche products, but they can make a huge difference to the credibility and understanding of a product, helping to build anticipation, excitement and a desire to buy. We can capture and produce all manner of product imagery which include professional product advertisements, tutorials and unboxing videos, and lifestyle assignments on location.

Other services

We strive to create something a little different from the rest, stirring an emotion or invoking a feeling by combining emerging technology with creativity. The possibilities for video and photos really are endless. We are always looking for new challenges and ways to shoot, no matter the subject or the budget. We specialise in engaging videos and photos with mood and feeling, but that's not to say we are limited to those styles. If you have a project in mind and just fancy a friendly chat about it, pop to our contact page and say hi.

Example pricing

When requesting a quotation from us, please consider that the costs above are our base prices, aimed at individuals and smaller business operations. For corporate and larger companies, our quote pricing will reflect the scale of the work involved, and the amount of pre-planning required to ensure our supplied media meets the required specifications with the adequate intellectual property rights. As such, please treat the example pricing below as a guide, rather than a definitive cost. Each videography and photography project is tailored and quoted individually based on various factors. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information about booking, our quoation process and our standard practices.


Video Footage

Starting at £600 for multiple videos, this package is ideal if you are needing clips for filming projects/adverts,social media, and website etc. Footage in this package might include dynamic chasing shots, super slow motion and everything in between, ready for the clips to be edited by your chosen production team.  If you would like us to provide full video production package (filming, editing, colour grading and mastering of the project) please check out our video production section. This cost is a starting price, plus travel expenses.


Video Production

Starting at £1200 but very much dependent on your project specifications, this package would include filming for one day, then the creation of a professional edit. Smaller individual clips can be supplied for use on social media, as well as any additional clips requested, all edited to a professional high standard. Base price excludes travel costs.


Social Photo Package

Starting from £400 plus travel expenses, this package is perfect for professionals and businesses who wants slick imagery for use on social media. Edited and processed to pop, we aim for at least twenty images at the starting price, up to around thirty photos. See some examples aside or below of the standard of our work.


Social Video Package

Starting from £700 plus travel expenses, this package is perfect for businesses or individuals who want some short but punchy clips for use on social media. Videos in this package will be edited, produced and colour graded, but limited at a length which is ideal to engage viewers. Multiple clips will be supplied in an optimum format for social media, so to play at the best quality possible.

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