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We are a fresh and innovative videography and photography company specialising in engaging and exciting visuals for brands, agencies and organisations of all sizes. As a team we strive to create something a little different from the rest, stirring an emotion or invoking a feeling by combining emerging technology with creativity.

We live and breathe our craft and for us this is not a living, it is our way of life. Combining passion, expertise and a unique perspective, we realise great ideas to produce stunning and exciting campaigns for social media, website use and offline promotional activities. Find out more about our work in our services section, view recent projects in our portfolio, and don’t be shy, pop to our contact page to say hi.

Specialists in fluid and creative FPV videography, we are not your standard drone operators. With years spent honing and polishing our craft, both professionally and for pleasure, we capture video footage that most drone operators can only dream of. Using specialist, state of the art electronics and custom made equipment, built and engineered for precision, we ensure that we have the tools for the job at hand. That technology combined with our passion for videography, is what sets us apart from the rest.

Gone are the days of a standard panning shot, the slow flyby perspective and simply viewing footage from a height. With us, you'll achieve footage that engages an audience, stirs emotion and provides a harmonious experience in sight and sound. We can fly comfortably and safely within inches of a subject, flow though those small gaps, chase racing cars or slowly glide through buildings, just to name a few examples of what’s possible.

So what is FPV and how is it different? With FPV drones a pilot will wear goggles, giving a first person view from the perspective of being on-board the quadcopter. It is an amazing experience, as the pilot has complete control of the drone, as if they were actually aboard the aircraft, allowing the pilot to perform many intricate and precise manoeuvres which are impossible to execute using standard drones.

Most people will have seen FPV drone footage before, without even knowing what it is or how it was captured. Recently film makers in Hollywood have discovered this art form, and are implementing it in big budget films. People will presume the phenomenal aerial footage was shot with a standard drone, by an incredibly skilled pilot, sped up or by using automated rigs and trickery, but, in reality these connected flowing shots in most cases, are captured with an FPV drone controlled by a very skilled pilot.

It takes many years of practise to become proficient FPV pilot, a very specialised skill allowing filmmakers to get closer than ever before. A story can be told in one single shot using FPV, no longer are we limited by previous technology, nor are multiple shots required. We can film an entire scene in one single shot, following all the action and telling the story in a completely engaging and immersive way. These visuals, the feelings they evoke, and the audiences they engage, we see as an important investment, and one we will work with you on to deliver the results you desire.

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People are at the heart of everything we do because for us, business is personal. With attention to detail, our purpose is to grow and develop a network of partners and clients, encouraging creativity and collaboration, working together for a common goal. We take great pride in our work, whatever the project. Check out some of our latest edits beside or below.

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