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We are a friendly, fair yet professional company, priding ourselves on quality, engaging media with that personal touch. With that ethos in mind, we won’t bore you with a load of standardised terms and conditions, most of which nobody really reads anyway. However, we do request that you read, understand and agree to the brief conditions below, prior to confirmation.

These terms are simple, and are more for your understanding of how we work. They may highlight some additional areas for discussion, prior to accepting your quotation from us, and confirmation of your booking.


Under no circumstances may clients edit or adapt our video footage post delivery, unless specifically agreed in advance or at the quotation stage. We have to protect our reputation, intellectual property and brand values. You may request an edit to your footage or for us to supply further clips, but this must be either requested in advance, or quoted for separately post project delivery.


All photo and video is supplied with Badger Productions as the copyright owners. Should you or your company require full ownership and distribution rights, with no watermark or credit to our company, this must be requested at the quotation stage and will be factored into our quotation price. We understand that some businesses will want this, but it must be requested in advance.


All bookings are subject to travel expenses, based on your filming or photography location, duration of the shoot and any additional requests. Any changes to specifications, shoot locations, types of shot or the personnel involved, post quotation, may incur extra costs and should be planned and agreed well in advance of the intended date scheduled for filming or shooting.


Cancellations after your acknowledgement and confirmation of your booking may incur a charge, charged at the discretion of our company. Our projects are meticulously planned, and once a booking is taken and agreed, work is completed behind the scenes to plan your shoot, prepare the necessary equipment, arrange the appropriate travel and book any accommodation.


Photo artwork and video are supplied in the agreed formats and delivered to you via a cloud-based file sharing platform. Media can also be supplied on a disc or memory stick for an additional charge, unless agreed otherwise. We reserve the right to use your video footage or photos for our own company promotional material and website, unless specifically agreed otherwise beforehand.


Bookings, whether verbal or in writing, are subject to a deposit at the discretion of our company, based on your requirements and the specifications of that project. This deposit amount is non-refundable in the event of cancellation post booking, and will be notified at the quotation stage. Any additional balance will need to be paid before final delivery, unless agreed otherwise.

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