Our specialist custom
FPV drone equipment

Each of our drones has been custom designed and built with a specific purpose in mind, meaning we have the right tools for the job in hand. Every possible filming requirement is covered with our fleet of specialist, custom-built FPV drones.

Terraplane Cinewhoop

Like the Cinewhoop, the Terraplane is ideal to use around people and items that must be protected. Where the Terraplane excels is its versatility for indoor and outdoor flying. Being slightly larger than the GEPRC, it has more powerful motors giving it more speed, where required, but more importantly, has great stability and smoothness for both indoor and outdoor flying. The beautiful cinematic shots achieved with this drone are truly phenomenal. Terraplane is also conformal coated, meaning it is water resistant, giving it an extra special feature with added versatility.

GEPRC Cinewhoop

Our GEPRC Cinewhoop drone is perfect for indoor cinematic flying. It is a small, agile craft which has soft bumpers covering the propellers, making this drone perfect for flying close to soft targets objects and people. Special innovative shots are achieved with this drone, due to its small size and propeller protection. Typical shots captured by this drone include fly throughs, narrowly missing objects in spaces where maneuverability and agility are key. Equipped with tuned and upgraded hardware, this drone is our go to for tight spaces.

Armattan Badger

The humble Badger is the namesake of Armattan's newest flagship, carefully designed to ensure a rock-solid construction. This is a very special drone, which has been hailed by many as a true do it all quad. The state of the art frame has a minimised weight through six axis milling, with motors custom tuned with specialised hardware to allow for dynamic high speed chasing, through to gently flowing cinematic shots. Fast, agile and no bigger than a dinner plate, there is nothing this fantastic drone cannot do.

Project 399

The Project 399 is the ultimate long range cruiser, allowing for stunning cinematic shots, yet at the flick of the button can quickly be adapted for fast racing car chases and incredible dive sequences. This drone has been custom built with maximum flight times and long distance in mind. It is incredibly smooth and allows pin point precious whether it be diving down a mountain to reveal an amazing sports car on the road below, or 360 orbiting an magical castle, this versatile drone captures very special footage.

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